Wednesday, August 27, 2014

MU Art at Peruvian Culture Event in NYC Sept 19

Manos Unidas has been invited to participate at an exclusive Peruvian Culture Event in New York City:

Jorge A. Meneses M. of  J. Meneses Group, Inc.
and the Consulate General of Peru  and the Commercial Office of Peru, in New York,
invite you to a special evening to rediscover Peruvian Culture

When: Friday, September 19th, 2014  from 6 pm to 9 pm
Where:  Metropolitan Building  44-01 11th Street, Long Island City – NY 11101

Come  enjoy live folk music and dance performance, organic food tasting and drinks, fashion–film & photo exhibit, live Peruvian-Flamenco experience. Dancing from 9pm till midnight

Manos Unidas will be raising funds by auctioning off incredible art pieces by Manos Unidas children and accepting donations. Celeste Marion, MU Executive Director, will be present at the event to meet and connect with friends and supporters. This event will launch the beginning of fundraising season for Manos Unidas in the US.

Please follow the link to purchase tickets in advance: 

Come out and enjoy a fabulous Peruvian evening!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Manos Unidas launched its capital fundraising campaign for Phawarispa, the FIRST and ONLY WORK TRAINING PROGRAM for YOUNG ADULTS with SPECIAL NEEDS in Cusco, Peru, on April 8, 2014. Our goal was $15,000 to furnish the project and support with first years expenses. See our campaign video above.

Did we do it? We not only met our goal, but blew it out of the water! 82 donors across the globe from Seattle to Tennessee to Scotland helped us reach a total of $23,960! Those funds have been put to use as we finish furnishing the school and prepare for our big inauguration day in August.

Thank you to each and every one of you!

The campaign was sponsored by The Children of Peru Foundation and other anonymous donors in Memory of Dr. Cynthia Carolina Caceres Baker, who each offered a match for this campaign of up to $15,000.

Special thanks goes out to the McClelland Foundation for their generous support. Honorary thanks to the following donors and those who opted to name classrooms, garden spaces, the art room and cafe in their names:
Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou
Lawson Baker
Michelle Kunnen
Paul Hirz
Teri Taylor
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Jeremy Lewno
Adam Dayan
Edgard Caceres
Debbie Rasiel
Mitch Hirz
Suzan Hirz
Paul Thomlinson
James Jones
Lyndsey Taylor
Linda Szeto and Daniel Duke
Greg Schmidt and Family
Anonymous friends with Bigg Hearts

Stay tuned for pictures from our big inauguration day!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Children of Peru Campaign Kickoff April 1


Our Annual Children of Peru Matching Campaign Kicks off April 1! The Children of Peru Foundation, our first and largest foundation grantor, will be offering their annual matching campaign. For the 3rd year in a row they will start the challenge: what we fundraise online between April 1 -30 and they will match  up to $15,000!

This year is Epic! MU will be launching its second major project, "Phawarispa," a Transition program for teens and Vocational Training program for Young Adults up to 25 years old. The program will launch in April with the backing of the Ch of Peru Foundation and our own capital campaign will launch April 1. We need the help of many supporters to reach our goal this year, but I know it can be done. Stay tuned!

Alma Foundation Grant for Inclusion Program

Manos Unidas extends its appreciation for the continuation of the Alma Childrens Foundation Grant for our Inclusive Education project for 2014. Their grant of $12,000 has allowed us to include 23 students within 5 regular education public schools accompanied full time by 5 Manos Unidas teachers as well as implement a community awareness program. The project is innovative in the region of Cusco and gaining public and government attention. Thanks Alma for your continued support!

Student Sponsors

Sponsor a Student for the year
It costs an average of $170 a month to educate a student at Manos Unidas and most families pay less than half of that cost. 24% of students are on our scholarship program and several students even receive a free education.

We are looking for 10 new student sponsors this year and are offering 3 giving levels. For as little as $25 a month you could give the gift of education and receive 3 updates a year on the student you sponsor. Would you like to subscribe to be a student sponsor? Subscribe Here

Welcome 2014 School Year!

Welcome 2014 school year! 48 kids started school yesterday within their respective programs. We continue to interview the many more families waiting at the door for registration and will accept students until we are full. Our maximum capacity is 55 students under 12 years old this year which will be made possible by our power-house team of 24 professionals!

Watch out for your teen and young adult program launch on April 1, the first of its kind in Cusco and the second major project for Manos Unidas after Camino Nuevo. Coming soon!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Now Accepting Volunteers for 2014

LIVE  in Peru        
      GIVE knowledge       
           LEARN from a culture

Volunteer with Manos Unidas
Cusco, Peru

Be a part of groundbreaking work for children and young adults with Autism, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and other intellectual differences.
Students, recent graduates and professionals in the following fields: Speech, Psychology, PT, OT, ABA, Special Education, Inclusive Education, Vocational Rehab, Non-Profit Management, Spanish or other related fields.

Apply your skills in a whole new way within one of our 4 programs. Additional opportunities available in orphanages, rural communities, home visits, family workshops, and specialized teacher training

1 month-3 months
March – November, 2014


·         Beginning Level of Spanish – moderate to advanced levels preferred

·         Willingness to learn and exchange information with an open mind

Includes room and board with a Peruvian family and much more!

Read more about the Manos Unidas Volunteer Program here:

Contact us:                  

We can skype, chat or email to answer all your questions.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

6 Reasons to Celebrate 2013!

Looking back on 2013, the year had many challenges, change and glory – both for me personally and the school. But I want to celebrate the journey, and prepare for another amazing year!

Today we Celebrate:
    1) The 5 Manos Unidas families who now live with hope and not despair because of their special child (approx. 330 mothers, fathers, siblings and relatives). More than 180 children to date have benefitted from our services since 2007.

    2) The 3 public schools who have opened their doors to include of our students. This year we included 15 students. More than 300 regular school children, teachers and parents have benefitted from our Inclusion Program.

    3) The 21 powerful women and 1 man who work as teachers, assistants, therapists and administrators as bold community leaders, taking on the daily challenges of our students and helping them achieve goals that no one thought was possible.

    4) The 210 donors and 3 foundations who helped us meet our budget of US $114,000. Special thanks to the $1500 challenge contestants Jen Patterson, Claire Ibell, Kelly Miura, Sarah Oberle, Laura Boyer, Greg Schmidt and Donna Hernandez who raised a total of: $5561.00. Warm thanks to Intermountain Vocational services and Boise, Idaho for your faith and dedication; The Suzanne Furstner Foundation and Iglesia de Cristo in Cusco for making our Christmas holiday possible.

    5) The 18 student and professional volunteers from around the world that contributed their talents to MU this year: Annie Matthews, Elisse, Lauryn, Ian, Linda, Lyndsey, Annie Cruickshank, Kelly, Sarah, Robbie, Laura, Chelsie, Suzan, Omar, Jocelyn, Cristina, Mireia and Nicole

    6) A new dedicated 6 member US Board of Directors based in Washington, a highly professional Board of Advisors and numerous great hearted volunteers who will be the backbone for Manos Unidas in 2014.

Special thanks to the Suzanne Furstner Foundation

Manos Unidas extends great thanks to the Suzanne Furstner Foundation for their generous grant during the month of December. The grant contributed to our Year End fundraising and allowed us to provide more than deserved salaries and bonuses to our dedicated staff.

About the foundation:

The Suzanne Furstner Foundation was established by UK-based language training company Cactus Worldwide in 2006. It was set up in memory of their much-loved friend and colleague, Suzanne, who they tragically lost in a road accident in Spain.

It is in her honour and memory that the Suzanne Furstner Foundation is dedicated - a project supporting language and educational training across the world, a subject close to her heart.

" We have chosen to invest in Manos Unidas as we believe this reflects many of Suzanne's passions and beliefs. We can just imagine her chatting away to the kids in Spanish, winning their hearts with her genuine warmth and trying to do what she could to help - which is exactly what we hope to do now, via the Foundation. "

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

One Child, One Life: How You can Help

One Child, One Life

I write today from Cusco, Peru, reflecting on the year with great gratitude for all our supporters. It all started with a vision to improve the lives of a few special individuals in order to live in a freer and just society. Thank you  for everything you have done to help make us successful. We have changed the lives of more than 130 children over the past 5 years.

Jimena is one of those children. She came to us at 3 years old, like a rag-doll. She suffers from severe seizures and spent most of her first years isolated in a dark room. Her mother was 15 when Jimena was born and spends 14 hours a day selling music CDs on the street. Over the last 4 years Jimena has learned to raise her head, is aware of her surroundings and the most astounding achievement: she has learned to smile and laugh. Jimena’s mom has become empowered with our support and has learned to value and care for her daughter. 

Jimena is a full scholarship student. Because of supporters like you we are able to provide affordable, and sometimes free, education to all of our students. Each family pays what they can and even the highest paid monthly tuition ($110) is less than half of the actual cost per child.

As we are in the midst of the holiday season most of us are fortunate to live the lives we desire. We are celebrating Peace, Joy and love and give to others. This holiday season consider supporting the children who have less fortunate opportunities as we do.

Gifts this Holiday will be a major contribution to our programs for 2014 and the vision we have for our children for years to come. Your gift, small or large, can make a huge impact in a small organization like ours.

Will you continue your support as we finish the year? Donation options are available on the Manos Unidas Donation Page. Tax deductible donations are available through our fiscal sponsor Quipunet.

  “I saw a growing school using a very small amount of money doing far more than we can imagine” –Paul Hirz, Manos Unidas Board President

We are sending you Peace, Joy and Love this season, traits to be shared all year long, and we are so grateful for you. We hope to hear from you.

Happy Holidays!

Celeste Marion
Co-Founder/Executive Director
Manos Unidas Peru