Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Bungie Foundation Supports Autism Diploma for MU

The Bungie Foundation of Bellevue, WA has a heart for Autism. This year the foundation has granted its first award to improve the quality of education for children with autism outside of the United States - and it has gone to Manos Unidas!

Mapy Chavez and MU team, first workshop series

The foundation will be exclusively supporting our Autism Education Program and our new partnership with Alcanzando (Lima, Peru). Through this grant, Manos Unidas teachers have initiated a 2 year intensive course to receive an Autism Education Diploma in Applied Behavior Analysis directed by Dr. Mapy Chavez (Lima/New York/Spain).

Dr. Chavez Askins has a doctorate degree from Columbia University (New York) in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Education of Children on the Autism Spectrum. Dr. Chavez has more than 20 years of experience working with autism, more than 30 publications and has led hundreds of presentations and conferences in the United States, Europe and Latin America on appropriate and effective intervention strategies for individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

14 Manos Unidas staff members and 18 MU students on the autism spectrum will be participating in this two year intensive course. Upon completion of the program, Manos Unidas will be the only organization, along with Alcanzando, to have ABA trained teachers in the entire country of Peru!


Dorthea Hauss Ross Foundation Sponsors Inclusive Education Project

The Dorthea Hauss Ross Foundation of New York has granted Manos Unidas a significant award supporting our Inclusive Education Project for 2016. This award is supporting five MU teachers working in regular education schools plus our activities to generate more awareness and knowledge within the education community in Cusco.

MU Director Mercedes and Los Nogales Director Uriel, cut the ribbon to inagurate our classroom

Three new pieces have been added to our inclusion project this year:
1) Partial inclusion within a local highschool for four MU teens

2) A partial inclusion classroom MU has built on state school property for five first grade students

3) Partial withdrawl of MU teachers within the classrooms in order to delegate more responsibility to the classroom teacher (shared responsibility)

Other components of the grant are highly focused on community collaboration and building awareness. They include:

1) Formal agreements with local unversities to receive practicum students in elementary education for the inclusion program

2) Formal agreement with the Ministry of Education for recognition of our Inclusion Program

3) Formal training content on Best Strategies for Inclusive Education that will be taught in a 3 part course to all project participants and be presented to the Ministry of Education as formal curriculum

The Manos Unidas Inclusive Education Program was launched in 2013 with 3 students and partially supported by the Alma Children's Education Foundation. We are proud to announce that 4 years later we have 25 students included into five regular education schools and the program is now fully funded.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Volunteer in Cusco, Peru this Year!

Now Accepting Applications for 2016 

       LIVE in Cusco                  LEARN from a culture                     TEACH the community

Join us for an Experience of a Lifetime


Be a part of groundbreaking work for children and young adults with Different Abilities
Questions? Feel free to ask: manosunidasintl@gmail.com

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Year End Campaign

Since 2009, Manos Unidas has Educated nearly 200 children, Empowered 1,080 family members, and Trained 50 teachers in Cusco, Peru. Thanks to YOU for making this happen!

This past year we helped 24 students with scholarships.

Today, we are launching our Year-End Campaign to raise $10,000 to pay for five more full scholarships for 2016.

We believe education should be available to ALL familiesnot just those who can pay.  So even though we helped 24 students this year, there are still almost 3,000 children with disabilities in Cusco not receiving an education.

Would you be willing to make a special year-end donation of $50, $100 or whatever you can afford to help us pay for five more scholarships?

We simply can’t do it without you, Your support will make a real, lasting impact.

Please, click here to make your tax-deductible donation now.

Thank you for your continued support and friendship.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Manos Unidas has released its newest video done by Alex Estrada, a Cusco videographer. Our accomplishments over the last seven years are impressive. Enjoy!

Green Thumbs in Cusco

Phawarispa, our young adult program, is making green thumbs out of our students. The 7,500 sq ft garden is producing everything from roses and sunflowers to lettuce, onions and corn. The students work in the garden on a daily basis learning to identify medicinal herbs and plants, watering the flowers, planting seeds and harvesting vegetables.

The goal of the garden is to produce fresh produce that 1) can be sold to our students families to encourage healthy diets and 2) be used to prepare the daily lunch and 3) be sold to hotels in the community.

Phawarispa is in the process of creating partnerships with hotels in the community where are students can eventually work. In the meantime, the hotels will be used as real training sites for our housekeeping module, purchase products from our garden to serve in their cafes/restaurants and hopefully promote our project to its guests.

The Phawarispa house has a large dining room that is being used as a cafe and restaurant for guests. The cafe has been opened to the public several times hosting "Casa Abierta" or "Open House" where our students attend to the public. The goal is through the hotel partnerships, their guests may be interested in a visit to the center where they can either drink an herbal tea from our garden or eat a 3 course meal served by our students.

In the meantime, our students get to experience a touch of nature, healthy living and even get their hands dirty at school.

Mom and Dad are Celebrated in Style

In Cusco we celebrate Mothers Day and Fathers day with quite a flair! Students both at Camino Nuevo and Phawarispa present typical dances from around Peru and create an unforgettable ensemble for families and their guests. 

Dances, food, beverages and poems fill the program and usually ends with an open dance floor with parents grooving to Reggaton music with their children. Fun! 

At Camino Nuevo, students with significant disabilities participated in a creative fable written and produced by our very own teacher, Sandra Medrano and kids in Rosa's class created a reenactment of Perus popular talent program. Students dressed as the judges and presented performances as many celebrities including Justin Beiber! Parents and guests clapped, cheered and recorded theses unforgettable moments. 

We love you mom and dad!

First Year of Kindergarten for 4 MU Students

Leonardo and Juan Carlos with peers at CEIP Piagetano

For the second year in a row Manos Unidas has included 4 of our students into kindergarten. The 4 boys, Leo, Juan, John and Yair,  have attended MU's elementary school, Camino Nuevo since they were 3 years old and have now been integrated into the regular education system. The local private kindergarten, Piagetano, located in the south part of Cusco has become one of our strongest allies for school inclusion. 

Piagetano first received  4 of our students in 2014, accepting our co-teaching model with a Camino Nuevo teacher working full time within the classroom. Manos Unidas held several workshops with school parents and staff to introduce our program, our students and their presence in the school. In the beginning there is always some resistance to our program, -one family even withdrew the child from the school. But that did not stop the schools Director from proceeding with our program, encouraging integration and supporting every level of our relationship. 

MU psychologist, Frida Achaui, also holds workshops with classroom peers using storytelling to teach respect, empathy and friendship to those with differences. Congratulations boys for this new start and thank you Piagetano for your dedication to our students!

The Manos Unidas Inclusion project is currently in 4 public schools in the city of Cusco, currently integrating 25 students. Read more about our Inclusion Project here: http://www.manosunidasperu.net/p/blog-page.html

New Enthusiasm and Talent at Camino Nuevo

Let's face it: the job is not for everyone. It takes a lot of patience and energy to be a special education teacher and our newest addition to the team, Izayda, is a model for all to follow. 

When we interview new staff, some walk right out the door. Others are up for the challenge, eager to learn. Izayda brings a new enthusiasm to Camino Nuevo. Her song and laughter can be heard from outside, her classroom filled with joy and dance. She is always thinking of the most creative ways to teach her 4 year-olds, preparing them to be included into kindergarten the following year. She is a leader and a team player.

In Cusco, there are NO professional opportunities the study special education. All MU teachers are general education teachers who receive an intensive training while working on site. The first few months are very difficult for new teachers. They are working with a totally new population of children and learning at simultaneously how to do it. 

Manos Unidas is constantly changing and modifying its staff training system which includes intensive workshops, in-service learning and in-situ observations throughout the year. Our goal is to create a sustainable training model that can be easily replicated for new staff members each year. 

We welcome new energy like Izayda and hope she has plans to stick around a while! 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Interconnection Donates 6 Laptops to MU

Interconnection,, a Seattle based non-profit that recycles computers and laptops and then donates them to worthy causes, donated 6 laptops to Manos Unidas this year. MU was the focus of their charity event in October of 2014 where MU co-founder, Celeste Marion, gave a live presentation about how this technology could support MU students.

MU previously only had 2 laptops to serve its entire administration team as well as students so this donation has been very helpful. Laptops are being used to incorporate multi-media within lesson plans, teach beginning word processing skills and basic communication skills.

Thank you Interconnection!